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Planting plan

May 27, 2019 | Category: Updates

Planting plan in drawing tool A separate layer has been added to be able to create a nice representation for the planting plan. You can easily switch, for example, by switching the layer of trees, shrubs...

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Plant list

May 26, 2019 | Category: User manual , Updates

You can click on a separate Plant List via the order list. The selected plants are shown with properties. The addition works via the "search button". Changing the plant is possible with the 'pin', the...

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Print text size

May 25, 2019 | Category: User manual , Updates

For example, the text labels, bundled labels and / or dimension lines can be zoomed in / out to the desired size in the print with 'label zoom'. This allows us the freedom to set the text based on the...

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Order by brand

May 24, 2019 | Category: User manual , Updates

You can now see the consumer price in the order list in combination with your discount. The products can be ordered directly from the garden design at the relevant brand / manufacturer. The order list...

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New features in May 2019

May 23, 2019 | Category: Updates

In 2019 we worked hard with our users on renewing and expanding the tools. Such as the Planting Planner, as a separate layer in the drawing tool, a Plant List with properties (> 9000 plants), order...

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Product list

May 22, 2019 | Category: Updates

All signed products can be found in the Product List, with the download button the entire Product List can be exported. Changing and adding works in the same way as in the Order List and Plant List. Exporting...

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Slope selector

May 21, 2019 | Category: garDsign®-handleiding , Updates

In addition to the roofs, the slope selector can now be selected for any surface. The height of the relevant drawing icon is automatically taken over. For example, if you have drawn a slope or slope, you...

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Close polygon

May 20, 2019 | Category: garDsign®-handleiding , Updates

When drawing a wall, for example, you can close the last point, the last corner exactly, by ending with 'close Polygon'. You can also use this function after an element has been drawn by selecting it in...

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Spring update March 2019

March 27, 2019 | Category: garDsign®-handleiding , Updates

Highlighted dimensions, labels and legend adjustable in print: In addition to setting the Scale and Page Size, the highlighted dimensions, text labels, legend and legend items in the print can now be...

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Draw in layers

November 29, 2018 | Category: garDsign®-handleiding , Updates

Each layer can be viewed and edited separately. This handy function is ideal if, for example, you want to make a pipeline plan or a paving plan. This way you can add the desired products layer by layer...

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