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GarDsign® manual

What should I look out for when starting a garden design?

Preferably use a desktop computer with a (separate) mouse in combination with a large screen.

Work in the Google Chrome browser, make sure your browser has recently been updated.

A good internet connection is required to work pleasantly.

With a tablet you can immediately get started in the browser without an app.

How do I start the drawing tool?

Register your own account linked to your email address with a password of your choice.

You can then immediately get started with your garden design, the garden design is saved in your account.

At a later time you can continue working with logging in to the desired garden design.  

How do I draw my parcel?

  • Na het starten van de tekentool krijg je een scherm te zien waarin de vorm van het tuinperceel geselecteerd kan worden.
  • Er is keuze uit verschillende tuinvormen, het perceel kan ook zelf worden getekend door te kiezen voor ‘vrije vorm’.
  • Het is ook mogelijk om gewoon vrij zonder (ondergrond) perceel te tekenen selecteer hiervoor 'leeg'.
  • In veel gevallen is vrij tekenen het veld 'leeg' zonder ondergrond de meest prettige manier van tekenen.
  • Begin met het intekenen van de bebouwing, de woning, garage en het tuinhuis.
  • Plaats vooral ook de (hulp)lineaal in de tekening en maak gebruik van de maatlijnen.

Hoe pas ik de maat van het perceel/ kavel aan? 

  • After choosing the garden shape, the plot can be dragged to the correct size, using the information points. These are;
  • "Squares"; change two sides at the same time,
  • 'Laps'; with this you make curved lines,
  • "Arrows"; this changes the side of the object.

How do I draw objects such as trees in my garden?

  • Via the product library in the left side of the screen you can select products such as trees, shrubs and furniture.
  • With the arrow and the tool symbol in the upper left corner of the drawing grid you can respectively hide and open the product library.
  • At the top right you can fold the menu in and out in the same way.

Draw surfaces?

  • For example, you select surfaces, grass, paving and borders in the library, you place this in the drawing area by clicking and dragging it with the mouse or finger at the same time.
  • When drawing with a mouse, hold down the left mouse button when dragging the surface to size. Has the custom drag gone wrong? Fix this easily with the information points.

How do I draw a different shape?

  • At the top left of the product library you can adjust the shape of the surface to be drawn.
  • For example, by selecting a rectangle or an oval.
  • Or by choosing a free form, tap the starting point of the plane, the next corner and at the last corner click on stop - or give a double click.

Drawing objects how do you do that?

  • Simply by first clicking in the library and then clicking on the desired location in the drawing area.
  • Objects are: Trees, shrubs, garden furniture, hose reels, sprinklers, lighting etc.

Drawing lines how do you do that?

  • You can select such fencing and retaining tapes in the product library. Then you point to the start, end and corner point, then click on stop or give a double click.
  • You can draw a free line by choosing at the top of the product library for free line with the pencil and drag the line into the correct shape with your mouse or finger.

How to determine the size of an object or surface?

  • When you place objects or surfaces in the drawing, you will see a blue marker on the scale slat at the top and on the left. You can read the size of the surface or object exactly.
  • In addition, in the 'dimension layer' mode, all dimensions are shown per surface and object.
  • Dimension lines can be placed in the drawing, the dimension line and ruler can be switched on / off in the print.

How do I add a text to my garden design?

  • At the top of the library on the left you will find the drawing category "Text, help and dimension line".
  • Here you select the 'Text' object and then click in the drawing where you want to add a text.
  • The text can now be typed.

Make changes to your text?

  • This can be done by selecting the text box directly on the drawing or by selecting the text box in the "layers" tab in the right-hand menu.

How to place the surfaces above or below each other?

  • In the right-hand menu you can determine which surface should be visible under the "layers" tab.
  • Use the arrows to determine which surface to be placed on top of which must be shown.
  • In addition, the heights can be set, for example you can place an area 1 cm higher.

How do I adjust the surface of the drawing area?

  • In the right-hand menu you can increase or decrease the drawing area under the "menu" tab with the "adjust surface" button
  • Maximum size of the drawing surface is 200x200 meters.

How can I copy or delete objects?

  • An object selected by you can easily be copied or deleted with the "copy" buttons and delete in the right-hand menu.In addition, recent actions can easily be deleted with the 'undo' button.How can I undo an operation?
  • In the right-hand menu you will find the buttons "undo" and "restore". This way you can undo changes in your drawing and, if desired, get them back.

Can I create multiple garden designs?

  • If you are a plus member at garDsign® you can make 2 extra garden designs with the 'New' button.
  • You have the choice to make a copy of your existing design and make adjustments accordingly.
  • You can also start a new drawing all over again.
  • You can switch between the 3 designs with the "my gardens" button in the "menu" tab.

How do I request a quote for my garden?

  • Is your garden design to your liking? request a quote with the button 'garden request quote in the' menu 'tab.

How do I find my profile?

  • The button "my profile" in the tab "menu" brings you to an overview about your profile.
  • Here you can find the quotation request, for example.
  • If the quotation or drawing has been adjusted by the gardener, this can also be seen here.

How you can walk through your garden live in 3D?

To walk through the garden live, click on the "3D" button in the right-hand menu and you will be taken to the 3D menu. You can use the mouse to scroll through the garden and / or click on the images / views North, East, South, West and top view. You can also use the arrow keys to zoom in and out.
You can also navigate via your keyboard: use the w, a, s, d keys to move the camera forwards and sideways. Use the arrow keys to rotate the camera and the r and f keys to adjust the camera height.

View the explanation about the 3D possibilities here. A short video of this is also available.

How can you adjust the height?

  • With a hedge, fence is often the height adjustable, a window pops up where the height can be adjusted.
  • With the ‘3D’ button in the right-hand menu you can then view the change in height.