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If your question is not listed, first view the Manual or the Explanation Video . You can always ask other questions via our online help desk

Are there any costs associated with using garDsign®?

Using garDsign® and creating a garden design in 2D is free for a certain period. In addition, importing a lot and making extra drawings with a one-off payment is possible. There are also additional functionalities such as 3D display, scale print, surface adjustment, etc ... available with a paid account. View the options for upgrading, functionalities and package selection.

Can I also use garDsign® on my tablet?

garDsign® is also available on tablet, both on Android and on an I-pad, via (not as an App) the web browser.

Is garDsign® available with an app?

The garDsign® tools are not available as an app, but can be accessed online, preferably with the Google Chrome web browser. Ideal because the drawing tool is kept up to date by us. The tool is immediately available if there is an internet connection.

Can I also view my garden in 3D?

With a paid account you can use the 3D functionalities. Watch the video with an explanation about "How from 2D to 3D visualization"

How can I view 3D images?

From your 2D garden design you can click through to "3D", different images are loaded: North, East, South, West and a plan view. Each view can be adjusted with the 'Mouse' or 'Arrow key'. With the 'Screenshot' button a print can be generated of any desired position in 3D.

How can I adjust the 3D images?

You can click through the garden with the N-O-Z-W and Top view images. After which you can scroll or click through the garden until the desired position is reached. By holding down the 'left mouse button' you can move the entire image to the left or right.

Can I also view my garden live in 3D?

That can, by clicking on "3D" the garden is loaded and can be viewed in 3D. The sun and shade can then be set to date and exact time. With which you get a real-time visualization available.

I get an error message in 3D how is that possible?

We recommend using garDsign®, a recent version of the browsers, Google Chrome or FireFox. If you use the Internet Explorer browser and / or outdated browsers, you will often be notified that 3D and other functionalities are not possible with the current browser.

Can I open my garden design again at a later time?

By registering with a self-chosen password, the drawing can be saved by us and the garden can be opened again at a later time.

How can I change my email address?

If you are logged in, you can choose "the gear" for the "Change profile" button from the menu bar at the top or choose the "My profile" button and then "Change profile" here You can change the email address here.

I forgot my password?

When logging in there is a 'forgot password' link that can be used to create a new password.

The password can be reset with the following link. Recover password »

Have I reset my password but the mail never arrives?

The email has almost certainly arrived in your spam box, look in the mailbox for 'unwanted email' or 'spam'. This can be prevented by adding garDsign® as a reliable email address in the email settings.

I can no longer find my account and / or my email address is unknown?

It is important to register with a correct e-mail address, so pay attention that the e-mail address is correct. You can only find your drawing if you know with which address you have an account with garDsign®.

If I want to print my drawing, the design appears to have not been saved. How is that possible?

It is important to log in before 'Starting to draw' to prevent these problems.

In addition, make sure that you do not have several 'tab sheets' open at the same time.

If you stop designing your garden, make sure you 'log out' to prevent the tool from being opened on another computer at the same time.

Is a special program required to work with garDsign®?

You can immediately start drawing with a Computer, Tablet & Internet connection.

I don't get any pavement drawn trees, shrubs and hedges have I succeeded?

You can draw an object such as: 'tree', 'bush', 'flower box' by pointing in the library and then clicking in the drawing canvas. A 'hedge', 'fence' and 'edging' can be drawn with a free form by clicking a 'starting point', a 'continuation point' up to and including the 'end point', click 'stop' and the hedge is in the drawing canvas. You click on a surface such as 'tile paving', concrete paving and a house in the 'library', then click in the 'canvas', hold the mouse 'down' and 'drag'.

I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

This is possible with the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the newsletter.

I want to delete my account on garDsign®?

Go to the "profile page" here you will find the option "delete account" Please note that your entire account will be deleted including the drawing.

I want to delete my drawing is that possible, because I want to make a new option?

No, that is not possible, of course you can make adjustments to your garden design as much as you want, deleting the entire drawing is secure.

I would like to save multiple drawings and is that possible?

This is possible with a 'Plus account', with which you can create and save multiple (three) drawings. You can copy from the first drawing to the next drawing. Which means that multiple versions can be made.

Can I change the scale?

The scale cannot be changed, it is drawn 1: 100. However, the drawing can be zoomed in and then a screenshot can be generated as desired. In the "Sizes" mode, the desired dimensions can be switched on / off.

Can I also print my drawing to scale?

It is possible to make a print on scale, the maximum scale is automatically set based on the paper size you have chosen.

View instruction »

My plot does not fit on this scale in garDsign®, what options do I have?

You can set your plot in the right-hand menu in the drawing area with the "Adjust surface area" button

The maximum size is 200 x 200 meters.

The plot can be split with the 'Adjust surface' button

(Please note that a 'Plus account' is required for these functionalities.

In which web browser does the online drawing tool work best?

The drawing tool works well in Google Chrome. Google Chrome can be installed within a few seconds. Install Google Chrome

Is there a manual for the drawing program?

In the drawing tool you will be assisted while drawing through text boxes. If you want to delve even better, you can also view the manual.

View the manual here or watch the explanation videos »

garDsign® has already answered a number of questions:

Can I open my drawing again at a later time?

This can be done by registering with your email address as username and a password of your choice.

How does the drawing program work?

After starting your drawing, you start choosing a home in the library. The chosen property can easily be dragged to size. Take the property as a fixed point from which the garden can then be drawn to scale. At the top left of the screen you can choose from different product groups. You can place these products in the design and then enlarge, reduce, distort, and move as desired.

Are there costs associated with drawing my garden?

Creating a garden design is free. When you have finished drawing, you can save, download and print the design free of charge.

In which web browser does the drawing tool work properly?

The garDsign drawing program works well in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a free web browser that you can install on your computer in seconds. Install Google Chrome.