Rosa 'Adaterhuit' (Rose)

Trim information

then trim back old branches to just above the ground. This encourages the growth of new first cut out all damaged and crossing branches the pruned branches may be kept a bit longer (25-40 cm). During summertime old flowers should be removed on a regular basis in order to stimulate reflowering." sturdy branches. You will be left with 3-5 younger branches that are divided evenly. These branches should be trimmed at 4-5 eyes. The top eye should again be pointed outwards. If the shrubs stand alone (so when they are not part of a border) 3 or 4 branches so that about 4-5 “eyes” remain. The top eye should be pointed outwards. In the following years remove all twigs and trim 2 when severe frost is no longer expected. How: In the first year after planting "When: end of February – early March


Name(s) Rosa 'Adaterhuit'
Commonname Rose
Flower Fragrant Red Yellow
Flower type Double-flowered
Flowering season June July August September October
Growth_habit Erect
Height 100 cm
Light Sun Semi-sunny
Moisture Normal
Soil type Normal soil All soil types
Type of plant Rose
Use Solitary

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