Lighting ground

Enjoy your garden for longer, all year round

If you have a beautiful garden, you naturally want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. By providing lighting in the right way and at the right place, you can. In the summer you can spend long evenings in the garden and in the winter you can enjoy a beautiful view from your living room. In short, garden lighting makes your garden even more beautiful!

For a nice deep effect, for example, place uplights behind the plants in the farthest parts of your garden. To emphasize that beautiful façade, put it in the spotlight with floodlights and make the garden path or driveway well visible with soil spots. With well-chosen lighting you give the pond a fairytale effect and turn your terrace into a cozy second living room.

But garden lighting is of course not just for socializing. It is also safer. Choose a bright lamp with motion detector to keep people out of the garden with wrong intentions and to get your bike out of the shed in the dark without the risk of tripping.

All types of lighting

Wall lights, garden posts and bases, uplights, floodlights and downlights. All of these types, and even more, are available in a variety of styles. In addition, you naturally choose solid accessories, such as cables and connections, that are safe for outdoor use. Another important point to watch out for is power consumption. Solar lighting charges itself during the day and therefore does not use any mains power. LED lighting is very economical and therefore uses very little power. We hope that you opt for LED or solar lighting, so that your garden is beautifully lit and the environment is burdened as little as possible!

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