Lawn maintenance

A beautiful lawn is an added value for the garden, but if the turf does not look healthy, it will also have an extremely negative effect on the entire appearance of the garden! Good maintenance is therefore essential and a good lawn mower is of course indispensable. Depending on the dimensions of the lawn, its location and your budget, you can choose a hand mower, a rotary lawn mower, cage mower or a robotic mower.

Choose lawn mower

The different types of lawn mowers naturally each have their own characteristics, making them more or less suitable for a specific situation. For example, for a back garden with a lawn of 3x3 meters you will of course not purchase a large ride-on mower. The mowers can be classified into hand mowers, electric mowers and the types that run on petrol. But you can also make a distinction between the way of mowing and how the blades work. A rotary mower has the blade on the bottom and turns horizontally. A cage mower has the blades on the front, these are usually manual mowers. Below is a brief selection with the pros / cons of each species.

Hand mowers

The old, well-known hand mower is effective for small areas, but if you have a large lawn, it is less suitable because it is quite labor-intensive. These are the so-called cage mowers and they are especially suitable for grass that is not too long. With frequent use they ensure a nice, even grass surface


Environmentally friendly
Very agile
Small, so little storage space required
Cuts the grass nicely


It takes effort
Time consuming
Cannot handle grass that has become too long

Electric mowers

The electric mowers are widely used for both medium and large gardens. The range was previously always determined by the length of the cord, but nowadays there are also many rechargeable mowers. These are usually circular mowers, but there are also electric cage mowers and there are even electric ride-on mowers.


Fast and effective
Low noise
Available in different sizes
Cheaper than gasoline
No fiddling with fuel
Maintenance friendly


If with cord; limited range
Rotary mowers "cut" the grass off; the result is a less regular / tight whole

Gasoline mowers

Petrol mowers are very suitable for larger gardens, because they have unlimited reach. It is the most powerful type of lawn mower, making it able to handle the higher work pressure. The petrol lawn mowers are generally heavier and larger than electric ones and they also exist in the large version: the ride-on mower.


Very powerful
Unlimited range


Produces more sound
Requires more maintenance
Environmentally unfriendly
Expensive to purchase and in terms of fuel

Robotic mowers

The automower or robotic lawnmower is a fairly new type of lawn mower. Different types are available; for small and large lawns. The robot can be set to a certain frequency; so you can determine in advance how often you want to mow the grass. When the battery is empty, the mower itself returns to the charging station and thanks to the sensor it does not go into the borders and then mow all the flowers. An ideal mower, because you no longer have to worry about your lawn!


Lots of time savings
Always a nice lawn
Adjustable as desired


Expensive to purchase
Battery must be replaced after a while
Installation is laborious
Sometimes produces a lot of noise

So you see that there is a suitable mower for every type of lawn. Decide for yourself which aspects you find important and then make your choice!


There are of course several manufacturers that deliver lawn mowers. You can go to Tekenjetuin for mowers from Husqvarna and Gardena; both robust and reliable.


Husqvarna is a Swedish company that for decades has built a name as a manufacturer of solid, extremely strong machines. With a Husqvarna lawn mower, you can be sure of a reliable, helping "hand" in the garden.


Gardena is the specialist in the field of gardening. A long process preceded all products from this manufacturer. A process of designing, assessing, trying out and using the latest technology. In this way you are always assured of a good product that will last for years and with which the work in the garden becomes a lot easier.

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