Gravel and split

Is color and variety in the garden a wish? Then gravel is a good opportunity, such as upon the application of a decorative walkway. Gravel is a natural material with the added benefit that it contributes to the drain, the processing of (rain) water. With only hard materials in the garden can cause problems with water management. Worse and also unknown is the drought in the garden, plants stand by drying out the excessive hardening surfaces with rapid drainage. Making flooding a large, if not the biggest European problem is becoming. Gravel, half-hardening is a good alternative where the water can be easily reused in the garden, buffered and returned to nature. In the application of gravel is to be recommended some cases, depending on the substrate thickness, and anti-root fabric. What good in some cases works better is a hard surface of rubble, with one looser gravel for water collection in addition to the hard surface debris. The pavement specialist and gardener can certainly advise you.

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