Finishing and Maintenance

Finishing and maintenance are an essential part of a beautiful garden. A good finish can also save a lot of time on maintenance. Consider, for example, sealing the joints of the pavement: that saves you a lot of hours of weeding! But even when we talk about garden wood and planting, a thorough finish and good maintenance make a difference from day and night!


Have you had enough of having to remove the weeds at the joints of your paving time and again? The solution for this is to fill the joints. Grout in the paving gives a perfect finish and weeds no longer have a chance. This saves an enormous amount of time on maintenance. Therefore, before laying the paving, look at the possibilities with regard to grout. Also decide what you like about the width of the joints and the joint material to be used; this can now be adjusted!

Do you already have paving? Even then, grout can still be applied, but the options are somewhat more limited.

Kit, paint, garden wood

The buildings and garden timber in your garden must of course be able to take a beating. The weather in Western Europe is very varied and therefore the use of the right finish greatly influences the life of the material used. Choose the best kit, stain, paint and types of wood, so that you will enjoy construction for a long time.


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