Bamboo remains green all year round and grows 'like cabbage', and there are also various varieties with different leaf shapes and colors. There are bamboo species with heights of 50 centimeters, but there are also species that can grow up to 8 meters! That is why planting bamboo is an easy and beautiful way to create a difference in level, privacy and possibly shade in your garden. Bamboo also always has something serene and soothing. To find inspiration and to find out more about the available types of bamboo and their properties, take a look at our plant encyclopedia .

The planting and maintenance of bamboo

Bamboo is best planted in the spring, after the frost has disappeared. In itself, bamboo is very easy and it actually grows everywhere, but it is important that the soil at the location is not too wet. So choose a place with a well-drained soil to prevent root rot. Some bamboo species (Phyllostachys) are large and tend to proliferate and then it is smart to put a root limiter in the ground when you start planting, otherwise the entire garden will be full after a few years. Other species are smaller and do not invade, and it is also possible to put the bamboo in pots. Large garden tubs with fine-leaf varieties look beautiful. Make sure in the winter that the pots do not freeze when broken.

Proceed as follows for planting in the open ground:

Dig a large hole and possibly place the root limiter in it. For extra food, sprinkle some compost in the hole and put the bamboo in it. Make sure the root ball is not too deep. Fill the hole again with soil and push well so that the plant stands firm and nicely upright. Water. Bamboo does not need much maintenance. Just like grass, it can be cut or mowed. It then re-emerges and forms fresh, green branches. It is best to prune the bamboo twice, for example in June and later in August.

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