The GARDENA Micro-Drip System is the water and time-saving method for modern gardeners. The system with different types of drippers makes it possible to deliver a specific amount of water per hour to specific places. So, right on the plant, you don't have to stay home for it and you can never forget it. The soil always has the right humidity level and because unnecessary evaporation or seeping of water is prevented, you save up to 70% water!

How does it work?

It all starts with the basic device. This reduces the pressure of the outside tap and at the same time filters the water. A hose is connected to this device to which the drippers or nozzles are attached. You can determine the location for this yourself. There are different drippers that can deliver a certain maximum amount of water, for example up to 20 liters per hour or up to 10 liters per hour. Each dropper is also adjustable to a higher or lower output.

The Micro-Drip-System is easy to use and is suitable for watering just about anything: borders, hedges and shrubs, trees, vegetable beds, greenhouses, pot plants and even hanging baskets.

Put together your own system and order everything you need here: from various handy starter sets to individual parts.

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